Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you visit my pet/s during the day?
In general, due to the number of visit/s that the pet sitter performs each day, specific visit times cannot be guaranteed. Two visits per day are scheduled approximately 10-12 hours apart – Once a day visits are approximately twenty four (24) hours apart. In the case of time-sensitive medication issues, or if your pet(s) are on a certain set schedule, let us know and we will try to accommodate to the best of our ability.
Will you visit my cat every other day instead of daily?
No. For safety, insurance and humane reasons, FFPSS will only provide daily visits for cats. Cats are very good at hiding illnesses and sometimes require immediate medical attention by the time it is apparent that they are unwell. Cats also have quite a knack for getting into odd predicaments that require human help to get out of ( even indoor cats ) – we have arrived to a few surprises over the years. We require a visit every 24 hours to ensure your kitty is healthy and has access to fresh food and water and some human company every day while you are away.
Can I have someone share responsibilities caring for my pet/s
The insurance carried by FFPSS cannot cover the presence of visitors (ie. nighbours / family members) or other caregivers not covered under our insurance. In the interest of our safety and that of your pet(s), we request that you either contract solely with us or choose another person to care for your pet(s). We reserve the right to discontinue caring for your pet(s) if we become aware of another person performing duties we are contracted to perform. Any exception to this policy must be discussed and approved in advance.
What happens if my pet/s become ill while I'm away ?
We are dedicated to excellent care of your pet and have a 24 hr. vet on call( SAGE EMERGENCY OR IRONHORSE VETCARE EMERGENCY , BOTH LOCATED IN DUBLIN , CA ) . Most of our sitters are Pet First Aid certified so that they can respond effectively during an emergency. We also carry your pet’s veterinary contact information during our rounds so that help is always within reach.

During the initial consultation we collect details of any prior or current health issues, allergies or injuries that your pet has. If your pet shows signs of illness or injury while you are away, we will contact you and/or your veterinarian for direction. If your pet needs more immediate care than your vet can provide, we will transport your pet to the above mentioned Veterinary Emergency Clinics

FFPSS makes every effort to contact pet owners and receive instructions before we take an animal in for medical care. However, in emergency situations or when the owner cannot be reached, we do not hesitate to take your pet to the vet. FFPSS is not responsible for costs incurred from veterinary visits. Additional time spent providing necessary care is billed at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

What happens if my pet sitter is injured or becomes ill ?
There is always a back up sitter available who is trained and aware of your specific needs. Rest assured your pet will be taken care of even if your pet sitter becomes ill or injured.
Will I be able to have the same pet sitter each time ?

We will strive to keep your pet sitter the same each time you travel, however during the busy season (Summer, Holidays ) we do tend to get fully booked, and your sitter may sometimes have scheduling conflicts as well. And don’t forget, they do go on vacation too !

You’ll be able to always meet the back up sitter. They will have all the information on file and your regular sitter will provide your back up sitter with any additional information as well, so that your pet’s care is transitioned smoothly and seamlessly.

What should I do upon my return home ?
We ask that you CALL/TEXT FFPSS to confirm your return home. This notification process prevents us from worrying about your pet(s), as well as scheduling additional visits to check on your pets to ensure their safety and billing you for the extra visits.
My cat is really shy and doesn't warm up to new people quickly , what does FFPSS do in situations like this ?
The single most important thing for us is that your cat feels safe, confident and in control of her visits. You would be surprised at how quickly the cat who “always hides under the bed” pokes her nose out when she realizes that we are quietly playing with feather toys.

Lots of kitties just need time and space when making a new friend so we don’t rush them. We wait for their permission before we pet them and we listen to twitches in the tail or turns of the ear that speak volumes in the cat world. We can’t even count the number of clients who start with “You’ll never see her,” only to be delighted when we email the first picture of their kitty curiously peeking around a corner at a long line of string, forgetting to be shy in the middle of a good game of pounce.