Client Reviews

We love our clients! Here is what they are saying...

Amanda Zizzo

Monika has been taking care of my cat for months now and I feel so comfortable leaving him in her hands! She’s very professional and organized when it comes to scheduling and keeping notes on the care of my cat. Whenever I need to book an appointment, she always gets back to me in a timely manner and without hesitation will make room in her schedule for me. I am also very impressed with her calm and loving energy she gave off to my cat when she first met him. He is usually very shy around new guests in the house, but he came right up to her and they became friends right away. She also took the time to come meet us before committing to watching my cat for the first time. I really appreciated the effort and interest she puts into her work so we would all feel comfortable our first time using her. Every time Monika comes to play with him while I am out of town, she will send me updates to let me know he is doing fine. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, responsible, and genuine with the care of your fur baby… look no further! I am so pleased with the service from Furry Friends Pet sitting and I will continue to use Monika as my cat’s pet sitter!

Monique Cantone

Monika was great with my Boston Terrier! Roxy (my Boston) is super hyper and she handled her great! We came into town for a visit and needed someone to watch her for the day and Monika showed her as much love as we do! I’d leave my fur baby with her anytime! Thank you!!

Ashley Virgilio

Monika has dedicated her life to her passion of helping animals. She has been in business for over 20 years. She’s literally a doctor for animals too so if your pet needs medical attention while you are away, she can do anything.

I know for sure she works every day of her life with no days off and dedicated beyond the normal 8 hour days many people usually have. She has been through a lot in her life and faced many challenges while continuing to provide the best care for her clients! That’s why I see her empathetic heart she has. She will go above and beyond. I could go on and on.

Monika has loved our animals for many years and even cleaned the house!

You can absolutely count on her to take care of your family and home!

We love you so so much Monika and thank you for everything you have done for us when we lived in Livermore!

David Jared Klein

Monika was very help and knowledge with our cats. One of them is special needs and requires an inhaler. This did not prove a problem for Monika. Excellent experience.

Carolyn Ahmad

We have used Furry Friends as our pet sitter for many years now. We first hired Monika to care for our senior (and later, diabetic) kitty when we went on vacation; I wanted someone with the expertise needed to take care of a special needs (and not terribly friendly) cat, and Monika was absolutely the right person. Now she cares for our two younger kitties, and dotes on them like they are her own; they clearly love her back! She also does a marvelous job of taking care of household issues that arise while we are away – and we’ve had a few doozies – with absolute professionalism. You can be very confident leaving your pets in the hands of Furry Friends. They will be treated like family.

Sydney Busch Weber

Monika is great. She’s a certified vet nurse so doesn’t shy away from a pet that might need medication (sometimes hard to find) and has always taken good care of our cat. Highly recommend for any pet sitting needs!

Laura Beer

Furry Friends has been my pet sitter for about a year and half. I leave my 2 dogs and am confident they will be cared for and that I will receive updates all along the way. Recently I had a dog that had back surgery and Monika and Joe have given him medicine, physical therapy, special food, and lots and lots of TLC. I can’t go anywhere were it not for Furry Friends! Thanks guys!!

Diane Sims

I am so thankful that I found Monika and Furry Friends. Monika is not only a consummate professional but obviously a deeply caring person. When your pups are like family it is so important to have someone you trust care for them when you are not home. And not only trusting your special furry friends but trusting someone to be in your home when you are not there is a huge thing. Monika cares about everything. My dogs love having her here. Because she has been a veterinarian nurse I can trust that she knows the nag about my dogs that I don’t even know! She takes care of everything and actually my house looks better when we get home than when I left it.
We got text updates while we were gone and I have such peace knowing she is there. I never have to worry at all about how my girls are being cared for. No one besides my family will ever care for my pups when I can’t be with them

John Hughes

Monika and staff have done a great job cat-sitting for us. For a time we had 4 cats here (3 visiting from our daughter), including one with medication needs, and FF did great. We trust Furry Friends with our animal companions and also with our house, mail and newspapers. They always confirm ahead, take our flight info in case we’re delayed, and ask that we confirm when we get home just in case. Much better than having your cat in a kennel with barking dogs!

Brooke and Jesse

My husband and I have used Furry Friends for the last several years to take care of our animals whenever we have to go out of town. Monika goes above and beyond just watching our animals for us. She watered our plants, brought in the mail and packages and even vacuumed up the pet hair for us! Our animals are always so relaxed, happy and very well taken care of when we come home!

Laura Beer

Furry Friends has been my pet sitter for about a year and half. I leave my 2 dogs and am confident they will be cared for and that I will receive updates all along the way. Recently I had a dog that had back surgery and Monika gave him medicine, physical therapy, special food, and lots and lots of TLC. I can’t go anywhere were it not for Furry Friends! Thanks guys!!

Brittany Franklin

I highly recommend Furry Friends Pet Sitting. My cat absolutely loved Monika, and I felt at ease knowing that he was in good hands with Furry Friends and Monika.

KC and Dennis

Monika is awesome. We know our kitty is well taken care of when we are on vacation.

Elizabeth Bonser

Amazing service!!! I highly recommend Furry Friends Pet Sitting to anyone looking for someone to watch over their fur baby! Whether it be daily visits or overnights while gone on vacations or business trips! Less stress on your pets being able to stay in their home and having the comfort of being in the environment they are most comfortable! They do much more than just walk and feed your pets. They alot for playtime, water plants, check mail, and even send pictures and give updates on how they are doing!
5+ Stars!

Catherine Read

If you are like me my pets are like family and having to leave them behind when I go away is very worrisome. Joe takes wonderful care of my dog and cat. He acts is if they are his own pets and I trust him fully. I have used Furry Friends twice, once for 10 days and the other for 15. Joe and I were in constant contact, he sent photos and I never had a worry. I highly recommend this service. Good honest people that take great care of your pets. Additionally Joe takes in the mail, waters and attempts to keep things organized so you don’t have that to worry about either. Definite value don’t look further this service is amazing!

5+ Stars!